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Cover Letter Prerequisite

4 Elements you should consider before writing Your Cover Letters Your cover letter is an initial introduction to your potential employer, not a regurgitation of your resume. It should entice the reader to jump into your resume with interest and enthusiasm. You write you cover letter like any other business letter. Your address should be Read More

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Understanding the Emotional Power

The Seven Human Emotions Social scientists agree on seven emotional expressions basic to all cultures. Our faces often reveal multiple emotions at the same time. That’s why we might see a person smiling while their eyes are sad. A renowned psychologist, Dr. Paul Ekman, says we can recognize these emotions, and hidden ones, by reading Read More

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The Generation Gap in Proper Perspective

In years gone by, two or, perhaps, three generations worked side-by-side. Today five generations of people share the workplace for a wide range of reasons. Twenty-first-century economic realities make early retirement unrealistic for most. At the same time, people are living longer with healthier, vibrant lives and would like to stay at work. Thus, we Read More

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The Untold

Emotional intelligence (EI), describes awareness and management of emotions and relationships. It’s a critical factor in achieving professional and personal successes. Your IQ, or intelligence may help you land a job. However, your EQ, emotional quotient will determine how successful you are in life. It defines how you interact with others and manage emotions. These Read More

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Paint Your Ideal Picture

We may believe only creative jobs, such as graphic artists, writers, and teachers, would use portfolios. This is not always true. Portfolios are becoming common tools for many types of job seekers. The portfolio is an element of your interview. You can use it to demonstrate your strengths with examples of your best work. Assembling Read More