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Moustafa Kadous is a leading transformational entrepreneur, dynamic personal life and business coach and keynote speaker. Believing that learning is a lifetime pursuit, Moustafa has passionately pursued knowledge, wisdom, and skills throughout his life. From his time as an impoverished youth on the streets through his young adult skirmishes and successive business ventures that have shaped his destiny, Moustafa has gained global recognition as a business leader and architect of many successful companies.


Across the past fifteen years, Moustafa created multiple enterprises from scratch, turning each into profitable multi-million-dollar revenue generators. His life’s work is carried forward through his company, Skilled Now, a global conglomerate of businesses spread across the globe. His diverse portfolio includes technology solutions, business, and soft skills training, business process outsourcing, career training and certification, and professional online coaching services. The common thread is his mission to enable individuals, businesses, and nations to maximize their possibilities and do so through leading-edge technology and practical business solutions. The goal is worldwide economic prosperity. He manages these businesses through offices in the United States, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

His entrepreneurial prowess emerged early as a college student creating various enterprises to finance his education. He honed his leadership skills working for global organizations that he led through complex strategic business negotiations, business process re-engineering, workplace culture transformation, and turn-around sales and profitability performance.

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